Mitja Hmeljak
Mitja Hmeljak portrait - by Anna Sangawa Lecturer Courses
"The only thing they don't know about is non-violence and humor."
"The thing is to protest, but protest non-violently --
-- 'cuz violence begets violence, y'know,
and if you run around wild you get smacked.
And that's it, y'know? That's the law of the universe.
And they've got all the weapons, they've got all the money,
and they know how to fight violence because they've been
doing it throughout the years
, suppressing us.
And the only thing they don't know about is
non-violence and humor
." -- John Lennon
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"La vita e` perfetta a condizione / che tu non chieda alcuna spiegazione" -- Freak Antoni (Skiantos)
"it's a lot easier [with a Ph.D.]. It's a union card; that's all it is. Just get the stupid union card."
- Mary Lou Jepsen, One Laptop Per Child
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Mitja Hmeljak portrait - by Niki Hmeljak when he was 5 and 1/2  teaching & courses & classes   insegnamento & corsi   poučevanje & predavanja 
 computer science
(and a list of my publications) 
(ed un elenco delle mie pubblicazioni) 
(in seznam mojih objav in del) 
 VR (virtual reality)   realtà virtuale   navidezna resničnost 
 information vizualization   visualizzazione delle informazioni   vizualizacija informacij 
and CompuCell 3D
 biocomplessità  biološka kompleksnost
(Massively Multiuser Virtual Worlds)
Mondi virtuali di larga multiutenza
ed ambienti interattivi 3D
Množično večuporabniški navidezni svetovi
in 3D interaktivna okolja
 various   altro   še kaj 

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