Computing is always changing, and we’re leading the way

The Department of Computer Science prepares students to imagine, design, and create the technology of tomorrow, with computing as its core.

Part of the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering at Indiana University Bloomington, we teach students the theoretical foundations of computer science and how to apply them in imaginative ways to fields and problems that involve computing—which today means anything and everything.

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Our first 50 years were just the start

In 2018, we celebrated 50 years of computer science at IU. During our half century, we have earned a reputation as a hotbed of innovation and a leader in computing research and education. Our faculty have pioneered advances in areas such as programming languages, hardware design, algorithms, graphics and visualization, security, bioinformatics, and intelligent systems—and the list of our innovations and discoveries is always growing.

Alumni and donors, you’re crucial to our students’ success

Stay involved with our department to share your expertise with students and find great hires. You can also donate to the Computer Science Student Fund to support scholarships, conference travel, and other valuable opportunities. There are other ways you can give to our department and school, too.

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