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Computer Science Career Outcomes and Salary

Our graduates report career success in roles like engineer, analyst, developer, consultant, and data scientist. In fact, 92 percent of our graduates move on to employment or graduate school.

Take advantage of the possibilities of a career in computer science backed by a well-rounded foundational knowledge and targeted expertise in your specific field through Luddy’s B.S. in Computer Science.

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Katie Spoon

B.S. in Computer Science (artificial intelligence specialization), Accelerated M.S. in Computer Science


Conceiving and conducting a study that uses neural networks to identify characteristics of dyslexia in children's handwriting, to spur earlier evaluation


Working in corporate research—like her internship analyzing and improving AI hardware accelerators at IBM Research—and later for a tech-oriented nonprofit

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Computer Science Major Specializations

Build key skills in some of computer science’s most marketable areas by focusing your bachelor’s degree in one of the following eight specializations.

In addition to specialization areas, Indiana University offers multiple opportunities to diversify your degree with minors from Luddy or from another IU school. You can round out your computer science bachelor’s degree with a Minor in IT or even begin taking graduate courses to concurrently earn an accelerated M.S. in computer science.

B.S. in Computer Science students specializing in software engineering learn essential and advanced programming techniques for designing, debugging, and more.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the software engineering specialization.

Focusing in artificial intelligence, computer science majors study various methods of data collection, analysis, and machine learning to develop skills sought by many industries.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the artificial intelligence specialization.

Information assurance is the name of the game for your future employers. Learn how to secure systems and networks with a study focus in computer security.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the computer security specialization.

Prepare for a career in game programming and development with this immersive computer science major specialization.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the game development specialization.

Master the acquisition, modeling, and storage of data in the context of data analysis and algorithm design by focusing your major in data science.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the data science specialization.

Our foundations specialization further enhances your knowledge of the key fundamentals of computer science theory. If you enjoy finding patterns and excel at math, add the foundations specialization to your computer science major.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the foundations specialization.

Students interested in advanced computer programming should select the programming languages degree specialization.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the programming languages specialization.

Incorporating courses covering computer hardware and software systems, the computer science systems specialization is great for students interested in building and operating networked systems.

Review details and a sample curriculum for the systems specialization.

Computer science may be perfect for you if you like math, science, playing and making games, logical or technical writing, playing music, or—oh yeah—working with computers.

Student Research at Luddy

Across the Luddy School and Indiana University, students and faculty conduct boundary-pushing research projects in areas that range from bioinformatics and computational biology to security and privacy.

The Undergraduate Research Opportunities in Computing student research program is an invaluable way for undergraduate computer science students to receive hands-on research experience while earning their degree. Under the mentorship of experienced faculty or Ph.D. students, you’ll participate in research that is relevant to your industry and opens further career opportunities in computer science.

Luddy Living Learning Center

The Luddy Living Learning Center (LLC) is a residential community designed for first-years at IU Bloomington. Along with providing students with unique opportunities for trips and speaker events, the Luddy LLC houses one of our makerspaces featuring high-tech equipment just for Luddy students.

Explore the Luddy LLC.

Student Organizations

From Women in Computing to the Sociotechnical Ethics Society, Luddy School students can join a number of student clubs on campus. For computer science students, check out the Programmatik club, the Computer Science club, and the complete list of Luddy’s student organizations.

IU Computer Science Related Programs

Explore the extensive offerings of IU’s computer science programs, even if an undergraduate computer science major doesn’t match your career goals.

Minor in Computer Science

Students in other Luddy or IU bachelor’s degree programs can minor in computer science to pick up programming skills and qualify for further career opportunities.

Computer Science Master's Program

Undergraduates in Luddy’s B.S. in Computer Science program can take advantage of the Accelerated M.S. in Computer Science program or the Accelerated M.S. in Secure Computing program to graduate with both a B.S. and an M.S. in Computer Science in just five years.

Explore the complete list of computer science master’s degree programs offered by Luddy.

Luddy School Advising and Student Resources

Whether you’re already a computer science student or you’re undeclared, advisors at the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering can help you understand computer science degree requirements, take advantage of academic opportunities, and personalize your journey to meet your goals.

Exploratory IU students can learn more by contacting Luddy School undergraduate advisors.

Academic resources for current computer science students can be found in the student portal.

IU Scholarships and Aid

It’s easy to estimate how much you’ll pay to attend the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering. Through direct-admit scholarships and federal financial aid, you can lower the cost of attending IU for your B.S. in Computer Science.

Review cost and financial aid information, explore scholarship opportunities, or calculate how much attending IU will cost you.