Accelerated M.S. in Computer Science

How it works

The program is designed so that highly motivated students can earn a master’s degree in just one additional year. To do that, you’ll take at least one graduate-level course during your senior year, when you’re still classified as an undergraduate. You need to request permission from your advisor.

You’ll be classified as an undergraduate through the last semester you are enrolled in undergrad requirements. You have to complete at least 15 hours of coursework while classified as a grad student.

Undergraduate scholarships and funding

Transitioning to graduate student status may affect any undergrad scholarships or other funding you have. Make sure to check on this and plan for it.


For the semesters you are in graduate status, you will pay the same tuition and fees as other M.S. students. Learn about costs and financial aid.

When you’ll get your degrees

You’ll receive your B.S. and M.S. simultaneously after you’ve completed both degrees.

B.S. M.S. Accelerated Application Deadlines

Students should apply during their junior year.

  • June 1 - Applications open
  • November 1 - Priority deadline
  • April 1 - Last date to submit application

What is the Admissions Committee Looking for in a Computer Science B.S. M.S. Accelerated Applicant?

Each program has its own admissions committee that reviews applications. The committee also reviews applications for any type of school-offred funding. The committee seeks students who are good program fits.

Computer Science B.S. M.S. Accelerated Applicant Profile

Undergraduate Major:

Computer Science

GPA Requirement:

The Computer Science B.S. M.S. Accelerated programs are very selective in their admissions process. Applicants are required to have a GPA of B (3.0) or higher.

Core Courses:

As part of the review process, the admissions committee looks at the grades that applicants earned in math and core computer science classes, particularly Calculus, Discrete Structures, Data Structures, Theory of Computing, Programming Languages, Introduction to Design and Analysis of Algorithms, and Introduction to Operating Systems. The minimum average GPA for these courses is a B (3.0) or higher. Although applicants are not required to have completed all of these courses at the time of application, the admission committee expects that their transcripts demonstrate a good coverage of these core courses.

Other Requirements:

  • Proficient in programming languages such as Python, Java, C, or C++
  • Undergraduate coursework in the following areas:
    • Foundational concepts of computer science and mathematics
    • Data structures and algorithm analysis
    • Computer structures, compilers, and operating systems
  • TOEFL/IELTS/Duolingo (required for international students). The majority of our students score 100 on the TOEFL, 7.0 on the IELTS, and 130 on the Duolingo.
  • GRE, optional

Application Supporting Materials Include:

  • CV/Resume
  • Personal Statement
  • Letter of Recommendation, at least one recommendation is required
  • Transcript, a scanned copy
  • TOEFL/TOEFL at Home Edition/IELTS or Duolingo Scores, for international students
  • GRE optional

Special opportunities

Indiana Genomics Research Training Program

The INGEN4CS provides support for CS Master students (US citizen or PR required) to conduct genomics research that will prepare them to decode the functional information hidden in DNA sequences.

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