Cybersecurity Master's Program (M.S. in Secure Computing)

A growing and critical field

Every company needs people with cybersecurity skills. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the job market for security professionals to grow 28 percent by 2026, and the field is among the most lucrative in IT.

Graduates of our program have been hired by a wide range of organizations, including the National Security Agency, EY, Microsoft, GM, NVIDIA, and Visa.

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Our cybersecurity master's program features multiple tracks that will allow you to focus on your passion while staying on the cutting edge of the theory and practice of cybersecurity. Whether you’re focused on the data behind security, how people use security, or the programming behind it all, we have a path for you.

Data-centered track

The wealth of computer security data allows you to apply analytics to develop new security tools, algorithms, insights, and risk reduction strategies that allow novel approaches when facing an active, malicious opponent.

Human-centered track

Understanding how humans interact with security is critical to developing useful tools. By focusing on human-computer interaction, social engineering, security awareness, and privacy, security professionals can create methods of anticipating and overcoming cybersecurity challenges. This track also provides literacy in all dimensions of computer security.

Secure programming track

Cybersecurity relies on secure coding, and this track offers the opportunity to master networking, access control, cryptography, and forensics. You’ll learn the latest tools for identifying and mitigating threats, and you’ll be prepared to develop your own innovative methods for defeating malicious attackers.

International students

Many of our graduate students, as well as our faculty, in computer science come to Bloomington from outside the United States. Indiana University draws students from around the globe for other programs of study. The university, our department, and the Luddy School of Informatics, Computing, and Engineering offer many types of support for you and our global community.


For guidance and assistance, contact Apu Kapadia at or the Luddy Graduate Studies Office at

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